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Files in Rotation and Direct Links

  1 Pharmacist Sandy Lunoe. 1:02
  2 UK Column 24-09-21. 1:16:19
  3 Max Igan - The Calling 1:06:09
  4 undercover nurse. 1:10:34
  5 Panel. 16:49
  6 Hugo Talks - Dictatorship Incoming. 8:10
  7 Dr Mark McDonaled - Ivermectin. 5:52
  8 Prof Delores Cahil. 5:52
  9 Dr Andrew Kaufman. 5:52
10 Dr Anna Forbes. 5:52
11 Rand Paul - Gain of Function. 2:28
12 Dr Elizabeth Evans. 2:28
13 Dr Kevin P Corbett. 1:48
14 Warfare From Within Australia Is Being Overrun - The Crowhouse - Max Igan. 44:45
15 Tucker Carlson - WHO and Fauci. 14:53
16 Dr Mohommad Adil. 1:00
17 Anna De Buisseret explains affidavit holding Prime Minister responsible if harm comes to a child. 8:41
18 Dr Carrie Madej - Vaccines. 23:30
19 Transhumanism. 22:30
20 Dr Ralph ER Sundberg. 1:07
21 Alex Jone - Dr Lee Merritt. 1:01:30
22 Dr Nils R Fosse. 1:09
23 Alex Jones - Mike Adams 2. 31:02
24 Dr Hilde de Smet. 1:11
25 Max Igan - If You Still Believe This Covid Fraud is Real You Must Have a Head Full of Rocks - This is Genocide. 34:53
26 Australian Bikers Ban. 1:53
27 Alex Jones - Mike Adams. 38:37
28 Frontline Doctors of America. 45:41
29 Hugo Talks - 8 Slots For Booster Jabs On Spanish Passport App. 2:34
30 Nurse Kate Shemerani. 2:34
31 Spiro - Vaccinated Blood Compared With Unvaccinated Blood. 25:02
32 Dr Vladimir Zelenko - Covid-19 Origin. 1:20
33 Kate Dalley - Graphene Oxide Hyrdogel. 21:14
34 My-Body-My-Choice-Vanessa-Valentine. 6:44
35 Dr Simone gold. 1:01:00
36 Dr Peter McCollough Drug Combinations. 55:14
37 Dr Anne Fierlafijn. 1:30
38 Dr Vernon Coleman. 1:30
39 Australia Covid19 Vaccine My Body My Choice - Vanessa Valentine. 4:34
40 Alex Jones - Dr Judy Mikovits. 51:16
41 Dr Johan Denis. 2:07
42 Censor This. 4:34:26

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